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Siren Support

Siren Support

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The card set includes 8 pages front and back on the basics of being a Barista! The entire product includes the 8 laminated pages with the Siren Support content and clip ring. 

Topic pages: (UPDATED 11/27/2021)

1: How to Bar; Basics of Brewing

2: Cold Bar; Cold Foams

3: Frappuccino Tips; Do you want to build a Frappuccino? 

4: All Shakers (The Breakdown); A tea and refresher "refresher" 

5: Guide to Prepping

6: Product Shelf Life; Caffeine in Milligrams

7: Support Cycle; My Store Rocks! (Customize to your store)

8: Deaf/HOH communication cards


1: Pages of holiday recipes and drink codes (WINTER LAUNCH ONLY)



1: Hot/Iced Drink Recipes

2: Refresher/Iced Coffees and Uncommon Drink Recipes

3: Caffeine and Creme Frappuccinos


1: Most common allergens found in Starbucks products  


Made in California, 4 inches wide x 4.75 inches tall, laminated cards, purchase contains only the Siren Support Cards with the option of the pen holder. 

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