How to Use Stickers for Marketing

How to Use Stickers for Marketing

When starting out my business, I googled these same searches- 
  • Best marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Unique marketing
  • Marketing methods
  • 2020 marketing strategies
  • Marketing trends 
  • Social media campaign 
google searches for marketing strategies and unique techniques
Marketing stickers work wonders when youre starting out your business! They can add a put-together look to your products, packaging, and spread the word about your services. Even better- they are very inexpensive.

Designing your sticker

Product label stickers, car decals, and brand stickers are perfect if you’re building a personal brand. Keep in mind, the design should be something that reflects your brand, what you offer, and remains true to who you are. 
We can help you design your sticker! With our logo design and printing expertise, we can help find the best design, cut, and size for you. 

Mobile marketing

Marketing with stickers is a great method because your brand can reach more people that you wouldn't have, for the same price! Marketing emails can get deleted, social media posts, scrolled past, and flyers tossed because they are a hassle to keep. 
Stickers are very popular among people of all ages. The best designs can cater to children, teens, and adults. They’re used on notebooks, laptops, phones, cars,  water bottles, skateboards, and many more places. Stickers are like traveling advertisements for your business. The more versatile they are, the more that customers can put them on their items! 
How to pass out your stickers:
  • Give them to friends and family to pass out
  • Add them to your packaging kit when people purchase 
  • Use stickers as a business card
  • Hand them out at events when tabling
  • Publish a post that states with a purchase, they will receive a free sticker
  • Background for pictures

dog in front of logo for a mobile grooming business


Need help?

The most important part of designing your sticker is to make it memorable and suitable for all ages. We have experience in helping small businesses create their brand’s image for stickers and business cards. We offer services to create you a logo! Send us a message today.
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