"Stickers" vs "Vinyls"

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On our website, you may see the words “sticker” and “vinyl” used. Although they are both stickers and both made of vinyl material, they are very different!
    When products are labeled “sticker” it is because they are on a printable vinyl paper. They are water-resistant and tear-resistant. Designs can be made with all colors, due to the ability to print on the vinyl. Stickers can be applied by hand by peeling off the backing and applying it to a surface.
just peachy and watermelon sugar stickers custom
    Vinyl adhesives are also known as “decals.” These are the stickers that are seen on cars because they are long-lasting and permanent.  Materials used to make the sticker UV resistant and can last up to 5 years. Each adhesive piece is one color only but can be layered to have multiple colors. Vinyl is cut out with a silhouette machine. The application requires more precision. 
vinyl cal poly pomona adhesive, green and gold, customizable for any college. Cursive and varsity font. Applied to a Mac computer and Starbucks cup.
Both options are great for similar and different purposes. Both types can be placed on laptops, water bottles, phone cases, and cars. For cars, we recommend using the vinyl option because it is long-lasting for outdoor weather, and the sticker option will fade faster than vinyl. 

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