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About Vinyl
Vinyl adhesives are waterproof, UV-resistant, long-lasting, and durable. They can come in any color upon special request. Currently, we have an assortment of rainbow colors, black, white, pinks, and holographic.  
Applying the Vinyl
    The application requires more precision- vinyl products come with a backing and a transfer tape on the top.
  • First, clean the surface in which you wish to place your vinyl thoroughly, cleaning method changes depending on which surface you would like it on.
  • Second, peel off the backing of the vinyl, and your vinyl should be sticking to the transfer tape on top, with the adhesive back exposed.
  • Next, apply your vinyl to the location of your choice. We recommend placing the vinyl from the middle of the design and working outwards, or placing from one side to the other. If you lay the vinyl down all at once, it may create bubbles! Leave the adhesive tape on, and use a gift card, credit card, or any other item with a long, flat, hard surface and apply pressure to the vinyl. If there are any bubbles under the design, use the object and push the bubbles toward the edges.
  • After you have completed this, carefully remove the transfer tape. For designs with small pieces, we recommend removing the transfer tape slowly and use the application object to press any small pieces that may not stick on the first try. Don’t worry, they will still stick to the surface. After the tape is fully removed, your vinyl has now been successfully applied! 
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