2020 Halloween Costumes with Masks

2020 Halloween Costumes with Masks

This year’s halloween isn’t going to be easy. No large gatherings, likely no trick-or-treating, no halloween parties (mostly)! If you’re looking for halloween costumes that can keep you safe, below are a list of costumes you can rock for 2020!

Sexy Nurse

Add the face mask, and its meant to be! Other parts of her body are exposed (its a sexy costume duh) but its not like her legs can get covid- just cold! 

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Psycho Scrubs

If you want a bit more coverage than “sexy nurse” you could also be “scrubs nurse”! Make it fun with some fake blood (paint), a fake weapon and your mask! You could also make it sexy by cutting it up if you want.

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Money Heist

The super popular netflix show costume is SO EASY! You can find the mask at your local party store or halloween store. Match that with a red jacket/outfit (thrift a long one from goodwill) and black boots and you’re ready to rob the Mint of Spain. 

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Rachel’s thanksgiving turkey hat

We are loving the full facial coverage. Even her eyes are protected!


Ravers wear masks at festivals all the time! Throw on some of your old rave attire and a cute mask. 

Light up mask

 I’ll be honest I don’t know what this costume is. It reminds me of the purge x rave with those cute masks. Find yourself one, rip up your dad’s old t-shirt, throw red paint on it and slip on your booties!


This one doesn’t come with a mask, but it does come with corona!! Thrift suit, use too much orange bronzer on your face, and voila! 

Trump Mask

Now this is more corona friendly.


THE PURGE! Everyone knows what it is, masks you can find at a halloween store or on amazon for cheap, mixed with watered-down brown paint for dirt (or just real dirt) and red paint for the “blood” with boots and fake weapons and its time to purge!


There’s this guy, also ultra-protective against corona.

And more!

Any costume you want to do can be turned corona-friendly by drawing with sharpie on a mask! Turn the medical grade blue and white masks with white side out, and take your markers to it, like this person did.

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