Top 10 Cal Poly Pomona Food Spots

Top 10 Cal Poly Pomona Food Spots

If theres one thing I learned from being at Cal Poly Pomona, its all the local food places. Here are my top 10 picks for restaurants and drink locations near CPP. 

1. Cha for Tea/Zero X

I rank theseas #1 mostly because its the closest drink places to Cal Poly (off campus) and organizations do lots of great fundraisers here. Cha for tea has a wide variety of boba drinks. Zero X is included with Cha for Tea because its right nextdoor, they also have some boba drinks, along with other specialty drinks. Zero X has a great hang out environment for socializing while Cha for Tea is often used by students to study with friends. 

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2. Taqueria De Anda 

Also known as “De Anda,” its the favorite 24 hour restaurant for students sobering up after parties. Fridays and Saturdays you’ll see students grabbing food at 2 am after hanging out, at least before covid. The staff is so great and friendly here!

3. Tijuana's Tacos

Tijuiana’s tacos is another amazing mexican spot to grab food, but they close early. It slightly closer to Cal Poly off of Holt avenue. Yelp reviews are mixed but students love this place! 

4. Mi Cafecito 

Downtown Pomona has some amazing hidden gems, including Mi Cafecito! Located on Mainstreet, its within walking distance of Pomona’s art, culture, and shopping. I’m a sucker for small businesses and will go out of my way to come here over going to starbucks. The inside is very small and there is a few high top tables where locals work on their laptops and chat, but its not for huge gatherings which I like. They also have outside seating. Best part- dairy free options!!! Their 4.5+ stars on yelp say it all!

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5. Sanctuary Coffee

Another great coffee place I often visited while living near downtown Pomona.Yes I lived in the heart of Pomona! Sanctuary coffee is located in Claremont and they are a coffee shop and non-profit. What does this mean? All proceeds go toward charity, donations are accepted in storer and online and coffee bean purchases fund food for communities in need. They have an adorable inside seating where people come to work, and outside seating with umbrellas as well.

6. Jinza

This wouldn’t be a blog  catered toward Cal Poly Pomona students if I didn’t include Jinza. Jinza is a Japanese, Hawaiian and Korean mix of foods with options for bowls, sushi and more. You cannot graduate without trying a Teriyaki Bowl. You MUST get it with egg, avocado (if you like it) and ask for the “white sauce on the side.” Their famous white sauce is what keeps students coming back for more. My tip- order to go, even if you eat in. Comes with more


7. BBQ Stop

This one is my personal favorite, and the restaurant that got me addicted to Korean Barbecue. BBQ stop is located in diamond bar and has a huge inside dining room. The food is great, but not vegetarian and vegan friendly. My tips- go during lunchtime to get a very similar menu, and cheaper costs! Another tip for the brave: don’t eat breakfast and go for lunch. 

8. Ding Tea (Pomona, Diamond Bar, Ontario, etc.)

My absolute favorite spot for boba is Ding Tea. They have a few locations across Southern California, one 2 minutes from my old house! Their drinks are dairy-free, and the boba is so good. My favorite drink is the brown sugar milk tea with boba! Each location has enough space to hang out inside, and the aesthetic is always pleasing. 10/10 love it. 

9. Round Table 

A tribute to my friends, who loved hanging out at Round table between classes and before their meetings. We were such regulars that the staff knew my friends drink every time! This is the closest place on campus where students can drink, along with the Restaurant at Kellogg West and Brew Works, except Round Table is in the center of campus. Indoor and outdoor seating, pizza, wings and breadsticks, and a great selection of beers makes this a prime spot. I’ve also known a student or two that would come before class speeches because they were nervous.


10. Brew Works

Brew works is most immediate example of “learn by doing.” Beer is made on campus, and can be seen from the seating area. Students can take classes on how to make beer, as well as beer, wine and spirits tasting. BW also makes their own fresh pizzas and sandwiches that blow round table out of the water. It is within walking distance of the campus, but it is definitely a walk, which is why students compromise for Round Table. BW also hosts trivia night and has great outdoor area for games and hanging out.

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