Dorm Fried Rice

Dorm Fried Rice

Here's one of the best dorm recipes I would use when I was living on campus at my college! Its perfect for when I don't have much time to make food, or if I was just too lazy.


My tips:

1. Onion powder, celery salt, onion salt, and soy sauce are key: I love flavor, and adding any of these increases the flavor. I personally don't own "five-spice powder," I use a combination of onion powder and celery salt to get the job done. I put those in the mix before the microwave, and when I test my food to eat it is when I add more soy sauce, or spices.

2. Add the vegetables: This may be the only time you get vegetables in that day! I know because I've been there. 

3. Microwavable rice in a bag: the one catch about this recipe is it requires cooked rice. In a small dorm room, I don't have cooked rice! Especially not a stove or rice cooker. Many colleges sell microwavable packages of rice which are ready in a few minutes. I suggest stocking up on them! If your college doesn't have it, here's a link to deliver right to your room.

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